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The Tea for Bees!


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Organic green tea Hippie Teas


Organic tea kit, mason jars, mix and match organic teas
Organic Gold Tea, Turmeric Tea, Hippocrateas

All organic ingredients, 

  no GMOs ever.


We source the freshest

raw ingredients, never grown

with conventional pesticides or conventional fertilizer.

Organic Tea gift box
organic teas with caffeine, fair trade certified tea, organic tea, organic tea with caffeine
Organic cleansing teas
organic tea bags

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Clean uncontaminated water

is essential for good health

and good tea!

It's easier and cheaper than you think to make your tap water safe to drink. Get your Berkey and

never buy water again.

Protecting Bees!


Our mission has always been to

save the bees & all the pollinators while providing you with the

most nourishing & might we say,  most delicious cup of tea. And by the way, if we save bees and the food supply, we also save ourselves:)

The tea for Bees, Hippocrateas!

organic    sustainable    nonGMO    compostable     biodegradable    no sugar   no nonsense  100% goodness

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Kitchen:  (312) 714-5244

Made in Chicago, Illinois

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