Well Workshop


Retune yourself with nature and awaken your inner healing forces. Increase your comfort and health while calibrating your thoughts and surroundings. Even with the right foods and all the right things, our mind, our sense of self, and our health can still be sabotaged. This doesn't have to be.


At the Well you'll get trained in simple, practical ways to care for yourself that usher in lasting change--this includes nourishment and nutrition, body work, clarity sessions, self-care, nature therapy, tea making, detoxing your home, purifying your tap water, and much more! We're the answer you've been looking for.


This is a self contained organic class designed to give you full joyful health. Don't delay, contact us today. We have a few options from classes to private coaching. If you only want help getting your tap water clean, we can guide you through the process or just send you the details. Let us know what You need; send us a note below or click the link to book your call.  


Chicago, IL

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People with Masks


Joanna provided nearly instant recommendations based on my brief description of my hand cramping. She knew exactly what I needed and gave me varied options to address the issue. Within literally a day of doing what Joanna recommended, my hand cramping was and still is entirely gone. I’m now able to work in my online business without any physical barriers - thanks to Joanna’s expertise and her intuitive understanding of holistic health for the body. So grateful!





Dr. Rachel 

Psychologist & Founder of The Numinous Path 

Joanna's experience includes: 
  • WELL AP Certification, WELL International Building Institute
  • Masters in Education, DePaul University, Chicago, IL
  • B.A. in Ecology, College of the Atlantic. Bar Harbor, ME
  • 30 years experience in environmental epidemiology
  • 30 years experience in holistic nutrition & natural health
  • East West Herbology School
  • USGBC LEED training
  • Author, the Green Handbook, Book One: Food
  • Outward Bound graduate, Hurricane Island
  • Kindergarten and elementary school teacher 2000-2009