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Heal Thyself Services

Nutrition and holistic guidance to manage and heal stubborn health problems

Healing with Food

After evaluating your current health challenges and diet, we'll provide you with a food and supplement plan that helps your whole body, mind and spirit get the nourishment it needs.

DIY Wellness Retreat Planning 

Sometimes we need to set aside time for ourselves and to nurture our physical and mental health. This is especially important with auto immune disorders and inflammation of any kind. With our special healing methods that realign your inner thoughts with healing physical protocols, you can achieve extraordinary results. We're here to support you and guide you in planning your own healing retreat at home or on the road. We specialize in retreat planning of all kinds.

Meditating in Backyard
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Adore Yourself
Remedies that Work

If you're tired of not getting results, we have methods and suggestions that can help you get your life back.

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