how to make tea, looseleaf tea, organic tea, hippocrates, let food be thy medicine

How to Make Tea


Good tea starts with Good water. Use spring, filtered and fresh water.

If possible avoid water that contains chemicals, heavy metals, pesticides, chlorine, ammonia, fluoride as well as disinfection byproducts. 

Hippo Teas

Herbal Tea

Steep, Serve, Enjoy

Making Tea in 5 easy steps

1. Heat Water (fresh, filtered or spring, see above)

2. Measure Tea and place in tea steeping device

3. Add hot water

4. Steep 5-10 minutes

5. Pour into cups and enjoy


how to make tea, looseleaf tea, organic tea, loose leaf tea, hippocrates

French Press

The easiest way to make loose leaf tea. We have many sizes available from mini to large. Prices vary from $20-$45. Please contact us for availability.  


Tea Tumblers

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Tea infusers, just 

click on the picture and choose the style you like most.  


Tea Making Details


Tea Steeping Device: We like to use a glass, stainless steel, or food grade ceramic during steeping, never plastic or teflon coated materials. My favorite is the French Press, I have a few devoted just for tea. Others for coffee:)


Measuring: Most teas are measured 1 teaspoon per cup, but we like to be a little more generous with these teas. 1 teaspoon works for 4-6 oz water, but generally we use at least  a heaping teaspoon per cup.  1 heaping tablespoon or more per pot of tea. 


Making Tea:  Place the herbs you measured in a tea ball, tea bag, French press, tumbler, stainless steel or ceramic brewing device or a glass jar.  You can use a refillable K Cup but our teas have more flavor when allowed to steep in water for many minutes rather than just having hot water poured through quickly.


Water: Please use spring or filtered water when making the teas.  As much as possible avoid using chlorinated, fluoridated, or otherwise contaminated water.  Unless you live in a very pristine town, don't use tap water. Heating or boiling water only destroys bacteria not chemical contaminants. 


Steep Time:  5 -15 minutes, these are herbs, roots, flowers, and plant bits. The longer you steep the greater flavor, power and benefits you'll pull from the plants--especially if the recipe contains roots. If flavor seems weak, either steep longer or add more herbs. And make sure your water is hot:)


Adding Sweetener? None of our teas have any sugar added. We do use whole leaf stevia in some recipes, which adds sweetness. You can of course add sweetener to any, or mix with juice and smoothies or any of your favorite beverages. For sweeteners we recommend local raw honey, whole leaf stevia, and grade B maple syrup.


How Much to Drink:  With most of our recipes, we suggest 3 or more cups a day to maximize the benefits. If only one cup, that'll do too. These herbs work through an accumulative effect and you may not start noticing results for a week or more. Some like Happy Stomach work with one cup.