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For Your Office
Private Label

We can help you decide the right canisters for your location. These stainless steel jars are one example of the variety of containers available.  

Tea Bags with overwrap and labels, customized to your specifications.  Perfect for restaurants and lounges.

Big Jars to Little Jars 

Looseleaf is the most economical way to purchase our teas and also uses the least packaging. We have tiny jars up to 64 oz jars.

Single Serving

Tea bags with or without overwrapping and individual labels. Perfect for your office kitchen or restaurant. 

Tea for Events
Tea Parties
Loose Leaf per pound

All teas can be provided by the pound, ideal for retail bulk containers.


Marteani Mixers

Want to offer your guests a lighter healthier cocktail or nonalcoholic option? Our mixers are prebrewed and bottled, straight tea without anything added. We'll even supply you with drink recipes. Perfect for bars and restaurants as well as events and private parties.  

organic    sustainable    nonGMO    compostable     biodegradable    no sugar   no nonsense  100% goodness

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