Super Immunitea

Super Immunitea

This tea is designed to do wonders for your immune system!  Now our strongest anti-cancer tea, made with the finest and most powerful organic GMO free herbs available including turmeric, red clover, wild geranium, ashwaghanda, rosehips, rhodiola, eleuthero, enchinacea, goldenseal, coltsfoot, aloe vera, burdock, dandelion, alfalfa, frankincense, calendula, ginger, rooibos. Caffeine free. Loose leaf 16 oz jar provides 54-81 servings depending on the strength of tea you desire.
Super Immunitea

organic    sustainable    nonGMO    compostable     biodegradable    no sugar   no nonsense  100% goodness

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Kitchen:  (312) 714-5244


Made in Chicago, Illinois

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